Registered Educational Providers (REP)

Program Requirements
Credential Title Qualified ASP Registered Educational Provider
Role Provides ASP qualified training and consulting education on ASP's BOK
(BOK - Body of Knowledge)
Eligibility Requirements
  • Yearly Qualification of REPs
    • Courses
    • US BOK materials
    • Lead instructors must qualify also
Steps to Obtaining Credential
  1. Submit required application and back up materials
  2. Pay application and REP course fee
  3. Post/advertise on ASP website
  4. Eligible to use ASP logo on all materials, to place ads in ASP Newsletter and priority to present at ASP Conference or pre/post events
Exam Information
  • No exam, just application
Application/Exam Fees for ASP Members
  • Yearly application - $100
  • Yearly fee - $1,000 (1 Course)
  • Yearly fee - $2,000 (2-4 Courses)
  • Yearly fee - $3,000 (5+ Courses) and listing on ASP Website
    Listing on ASP Website for all 2010 prorated (10/12 mos). Payment Plans ok.
Application/Exam Fees for Non-Members N/A
  • Yearly qualification

Once you have completed your applications you will need to send them to the Certification Program Coordinator. Details are on page one of the application forms.

For more information on our Registered Educational Providers (REP) Program please Contact Us

REP Application Forms and Handbook
Sample Certificate

REP Certificate