Strategic Planning Professional (SPP)

Certification Requirements
Credential Title Strategic Planning Professional Level I
Role Works with Executives, Managers, and their Teams
Eligibility Requirements
  • 2 years (minimum) in an internal planning role or as a junior external planning consultant
  • College Graduate or 5 years work experience in strategic planning or related field
Steps to Obtaining Credential
  • Submit ASP Qualifying Application and pay Application Fee
  • Upon qualification, submit PTC1 Test Center application and pay exam fee
  • Take and pass Exam Level I for SPP
Exam Information
  • 3 hours and 160 questions
  • SMP Exam covers Level II in ASP BOK Framework
    Note: Exam Administered for ASP by PTC1
Application Fee
  • $100 for ASP Members
  • $150 for Non-Members
Exam Fee
  • $300 for ASP Members
  • $400 for Non-Members
    Note: International Test Center Surcharge: $100 - To set up Exam Location outside of US & Canada; Surcharge included in fee when home country not US or Canada.
  • Every three years
  • Submit an Intention to Recertify
  • Submit 50 Contact Hours2
  • Provide 10 potential SPP Exam Questions on Level I competencies
  • Pay Recertification fee

1ASP contracts with Professional Testing Corporation (PTC), an independent third party testing service.
2Contact Hours Calculation: 1 CEU = 10 contact hours.
  ASP REP hours are double credit: 1 CEU = 5 REP contact hours.

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I applied for the Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) exam as a next step in my professional and business development in order to pull together many years of experience and study into one respected certification from ASP. The certification will assist in my future job and career endeavors by giving me the ability to support future employers and clients with the exhaustive body of knowledge gained by study and preparation for this exam.
Beth Nelson, CPHQ, SPP
Wellness Vision, LLC
I live in Honduras (a developing country in Central America) where resources are scarce and socioeconomic problems are colossal. In this kind of circumstances, traditional thinking has limitations to provide real and sustainable solutions to countrywide issues, so a strategic approach and thinking is critical for every action, project and initiative. As an International Cooperation professional, being a member of the ASP (Association for Strategic Planning), has expanded my vision and perspective to provide a more holistic/systemic solution to difficult and challenging problems. I recommend all professionals in any field to complement their expertise and academic background with a strategic certification so they can move to a higher level of performance and success.
Alejandro Paredes Trapero, PhD, PMP, SPP
I retired from the Army in 2012 after a 20 year career. The last half of my career was spent as a Strategic Planner, where I had the opportunity to participate and lead multiple strategic planning efforts around the world. I saw the SMP certification as an important credential that could help give prospective clients or future employers' confidence that my experience and knowledge was valuable in the private sector as well as the public sector.
Paul Robyn, SMP
GEO Strategy Partners
I decided to apply for the certification because it is in line with my work and I viewed it as beneficial to my career and relevance in my profession. I found the application of the concepts within the testing process to be challenging but a great way to test knowledge of strategic management concepts.
Meg Johnson
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Sample Certificate

SPP Certificate