Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award

About the Award

The Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award recognizes distinction in the practice of strategy. Building on the broader purpose of the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP) to enable individuals and organizations to succeed through strategic thinking, planning and action, the purpose of the award is:

  • To foster continuing excellence in strategic planning
  • To stimulate innovation in the strategic planning process
  • To honor organizations at the leading edge of strategic practice

Winners will be recognized for the Award in each of the following:

  • Large for-profit enterprise or division of a large for-profit enterprise
  • Small and Mid-sized for profit enterprise
  • Governmental organization (National)
  • Governmental organization (non-National)
  • Not-for-profit or Academic organization

2013 Award Winner

Non-Profit Category
San Diego Zoo Global

The San Diego Zoo Global's strategic planning process reflected attention to detail in the planning program with measurable successes, together with a program that appears well rooted in the culture of the organization, not an add-on. Of particular note is the San Diego Zoo's effective internal connectivity program, the "Lynx."

Congratulations San Diego Zoo Global for being a leading strategic planner!

Beth Branning receives the 2013 Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award for San Diego Zoo Global

Beth Branning, Director of Vision, Innovation & Strategy, accepting the award on behalf of the San Diego Zoo Global at the 2013 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, this past April.

San Diego Zoo Global

Past Award Winners

2012 Winners

Government Category
Dubai Airport Free Zone

Honorable Recognition
Large For-Profit Enterprise or Division Category

Kennametal Inc.

Honorable Recognition: Government Category
The National Guard PEC
2011 Winners

Non-Profit Category
Maryland Classical Youth Orchestra

Honorable Recognition: Nonprofit Category
American Eagle Federal Credit Union

Honorable Recognition: Government Category
US Army Corps of Engineers

Honorable Recognition
Town of Richmond Hill
2010 Winners

Honorable Recognition: Government Category
Environment & Sustainable Infrastructure Division, Water and Wastewater Group

City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2000 to 2009 Winners...

Award Recognition

  • The ASP will feature the winner(s) of the award at its Annual Conference.

  • The Press will be invited to the conference presentation.

  • A banner for the winning organization(s) will be placed on ASP'S website for one year.

  • The winner will receive a trophy commemorating the achievement.

  • ASP reserves the right to develop an article about the winning organization when appropriate.

Award Benefits

The recipients of the Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award will benefit in several ways:

  • The winners of the award are recognized as strategic leaders in the business community and gain visibility for their organization and initiative through media coverage of the ASP annual conference event and award program.

  • The application procedure as well as the award itself highlight and promote the strategic planning process within the winning organization, fostering internal recognition and support.

  • Recipients of the award benefit from an independent assessment by a qualified judging panel of their organization's strategic planning process and methodologies. The ASP's panel of judges includes premier strategists within the academic and business communities.

Award Criteria

Applications are judged on seven key criteria:

  1. Process: The degree to which the applicant demonstrates competency in the strategy formulation process itself.

  2. Industry Analysis: The degree to which industry members and industry trends are factored into the process.

  3. Customer Analysis: The degree to which the applicant demonstrates the knowledge and use of customer data.

  4. Implementation: The success of the strategic plan implementation process including the degree of alignment around the plan and the extent to which strategic goals are realized.

  5. Process Improvement: The degree to which the applicant organization applies a structured learning process to apply earlier lessons learned to the present strategic plan.

  6. Innovation: The degree to which the applicant uses innovative elements in the strategic planning process.

  7. Performance Management: The degree to which performance measures are used to determine the success of the strategic plan

Award Committee

Each year, through the Richard Goodman Strategic Planning award, the ASP recognizes distinction in the practice of strategy within organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the design, application and innovation across the practice of strategy. A diverse committee of specialists in strategy and management are assembled as judges to review entries and select award finalists. John McGonagle, The Helicon Group, has chaired the award committee for the past four years with support from the following committee members:

Dr. Anil Nair, Old Dominion University
Gaye Clemson, Globalinkage Consulting
George Koncikowski, New Phoenix Group, LLC
Sunny K. Kapoor, ThinkPartners, LLC

For the 2013/2014 Committee John McGonagle will be stepping down as chair and ASP is pleased to announce that Sunny Kapoor is the incoming chair. John will remain on the committee thus ensuring continuity and change. ASP thanks John for all his hard work and dedication over the past four years.

Below is a key excerpt from a recent interview with Sunny K. Kapoor, incoming Chair of the Richard Goodman Award Committee and outgoing Chair, John J. McGonagle:

ASP: Why is the Richard Goodman award so unique in the strategy domain?

John McGonagle John: As far as I know, the Goodman Strategic Planning Award is unique in several ways. First, it awards innovation, not simply doing something well. Second, there is no requirement that the award be given every year. That means that the committee decides not only how well the candidate is doing, but whether it is truly the kind of strategic planning process and strategic managing process that should be held up to others as an example of best practices. Third, it takes into account the need for a candidate demonstrate an actual impact on the organization, not just a stylistically interesting process. And fourth, it gets into the nuts & bolts: it specifically asks how those conducting the strategic process collect data they use on their competitors, customers and others.

Sunny K. Kapoor Sunny: It is unique in that there is no similar award in the industry that recognizes successful application of exemplar strategic planning practices on an international basis. A Richard Goodman awardee may not have scored extraordinarily along ALL dimensions of strategy - but they would certainly have hit the KEY dimensions - ones most relevant to their organizations - out of the ballpark. Said differently, we look at a broad array - how an entity made strategic assumptions explicit, how it cascaded strategy into performance metrics, how the strategy was communicated, how it was translated into action, how it was made adaptive (e.g. addressing uncertainty) to rapid marketplace change, and the like - to measure the overall effectiveness of the strategy process in a firm. The award is unique in that it works best for organizations that seek breakthrough performance through strategy (vs. incrementalism).

Read the full interview...

Award Application and Winner Notification

Organizations that wish to be considered for the Award must complete an application and submit it to ASP no later than January 31, 2014:

Richard Goodman Award The award winner will be publicly announced in March 2014. The award will be presented at a formal ceremony at the Annual Conference of the Association for Strategic Planning in 2014. The recipient will be expected to participate in the Annual Conference. on May 12-14 2014 in Long Beach, California, USA. The recipient will be expected to participate in the Annual Conference.

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