Are you looking for the best LLC Services for yourself? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have reviewed the best LLC Services for 2021 that are available and have also ranked them to make it easier for you to choose.

If you are planning to form an LLC, then you might be aware of the different ways to go about it. It is no secret that most entrepreneurs are hesitant to register a limited liability company themselves as they wish to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. However, most people are unable to afford an attorney as well, so it can be difficult to form an LLC.

If you are one such person who wants to create an LLC but does not have a budget to hire an attorney, then an LLC formation service is the best way to take care of that. You will find several trustworthy and budget-friendly LLC formation services that will take care of the paperwork for forming an LLC and will charge a fraction of what an attorney will charge you.

In this guide, we have mentioned the seven best LLC services that are available online and have written a detailed review mentioning what really sets them apart from the other LLC services in the market.

So, which would be the best LLC service for you? Read on to know more and decide for yourself.

Overall Best Value – ZenBusiness

For the best overall value, ZenBusiness is our most recommended LLC formation website. This is a Texas-based company that was launched in 2015 and has helped many entrepreneurs form businesses and has received a lot of positive reviews as well.

One of the best things about ZenBusiness is that it is a socially conscious organization, so while it keeps on growing as a company, it also focuses on doing good for others. They have partnered with and help in uplifting people out of poverty by lending and loaning the money to minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses to kickstart them.

  • ZenBusiness offers an amazing starting package that includes all the necessary services, and the starting price is around $39 only. In the Starter Package that costs $39, you get LLC formation, customizable operating agreement, 12-months free registered agent service and a CPA assessment from their in-house professionals. If you were to get these services from another LLC formation website, then you would need to pay a lot more.
  • One of the major strengths of ZenBusiness is its customer feedback. This company has more than 3700 online reviews, and most of them are positive.
  • Moreover, they help you start and maintain your business and take care of the annual report filing and LLC maintenances. This is included in their Worry Free Guarantee (in the Pro package).

If you wish to form an LLC with the help of a socially conscious company that provides the overall best value, then ZenBusiness is the perfect choice for you.

Runner Up –

Another good option for LLC service is IncFile that offers packages at $0 plus state fee. So, if you are looking for a cheap LLC service, then IncFile is a great option to consider.

A popular LLC Formation website, IncFile, was incepted in 2004 and has formed over 250,000 businesses since then. They also offer a wide range of features for different entrepreneur’s needs, and there are a lot of perks associated with them that make them a good company to form an LLC.

  • IncFile offers amazing features at low prices as well and includes important things such as a full year of registered agent, Lifetime Company Alerts to file before deadlines, and so on.
  • With over 13,000 online customer reviews, IncFile has a lot of positive reviews where the customers are happy with their experience.
  • IncFile also offers amazing support reps that will offer great customer service. You get phone, email, and chat support, so you can easily contact them whenever you need any help regarding the LLC formation.

If you don’t have a sufficient budget and are looking for the cheapest LLC formation service, then choose IncFile company.

Note: One thing to keep in mind when you are choosing IncFile is that although it offers free LLC formation service, it includes a lot of upsells, and you might end up paying an overall higher price when choosing it.

Northwest Registered Agent

Although Northwest Registered Agent charges much more than ZenBusiness, they also offer premium quality customer support, and that is what sets them apart from other LLC formation websites. One of the best LLC formation services available online, Northwest Registered Agent has been forming LLCs since 1998.

Sure, their starting packages start from around $100, which can be a tad bit expensive when compared to the $39 ZenBusiness package. But if you don’t mind paying a higher fee, then this will get you premium quality service and access to helpful customer reps to take care of issues.

  • There are no upsells in Northwest, so it is a straightforward package to use. There are several other LLC services, such as LegalZoom, that will get you interested in add-ons that can increase the overall price of the service, but this is not the case with Northwest Registered Agent.
  • Out of all the LLC services that we have reviewed and listed down here, Northwest offers the best customer support. If you ever face any problem, you can easily call them up to get your queries solved by the ever so helpful customer reps.
  • One of the best things about Northwest is that they offer a full year registered agent service with their LLC formation package. It won’t cost more than $125 a year and provides proper effort and care for this service. They are also the only major LLC formation provider that will locally scan all the documents that they have received on your behalf.

If you prefer using a simple and straightforward package along with amazing customer support, then Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice for you.

Inc Authority 

Similar to IncFile, Inc Authority also offers you free LLC service along with paid package options. This company has been around since 1989, and they have easily formed more than 130,000 business entities since its inception.

Although Inc Authority’s website isn’t particularly intuitive or user-friendly, it does offer a lot of advantages that make them worthy for entrepreneurs.

  • They offer free LLC formation services, and it includes one year of registered agent service at no additional cost.
  • The best thing about Inc Authority is that it received amazing customer feedback. With over 4000 reviews online, most of the reviews about the company are positive, so it is clear that customer satisfaction is extremely important for them.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that Inc Authority doesn’t offer refunds due to any reason. So, if you aren’t sure about their services, then don’t buy their services. Make sure you make an informed purchase when choosing one of their paid services.

If you have a tight budget and cannot spend money on business formation services, then Inc Authority is the only company to consider apart from IncFile. This is the only LLC formations website that will offer you services for free, and you would only need to pay the state fee.

Note: Do keep in mind that even though their LLC service is free of cost, you will end up paying a higher price for the additional features that you want in the services.

Legal Zoom

LegalZoom is one of the most well-known brands in the LLC industry, which is widely used all over the country. The company handles a large volume of clients and offers an amazing experience to each of its customers, which is why it is so popular in this industry.

While they don’t offer as many features as ZenBusiness or low pricing as IncFile, they do offer good customer service and are quite popular among the customers.

  • Started in 1999, Legal Zoom has formed over a million businesses now and is able to work an amazing amount of workload that most competitors can’t handle.
  • If you are a busy person, then Legal Zoom’s extended customer service hours can be a boon for you. They are usually available till 10 p.m. ET every weekday and are available on weekends also till 7 p.m. ET.
  • One of the most important things to remember when using Legal Zoom is that it offers a long list of up-sells to the customers. So, before you even reach the actual package selection screen, you will be hooked on up-sells such as registered agent service, business license research package, federal tax ID (EIN) acquisition, legal services subscription fee, business tax software, and compliance assistance. If you end up accepting all these up-sells, you will end up paying more than $1000 for the first year. Moreover, this fee doesn’t even include the cost of the actual state registration fee.

If you wish to use a well-known company with a good track record, then you can consider creating an LLC with Legal Zoom.

Rocket Lawyer

Another good LLC formation service that you can check out is Rocket Lawyer that offers you a wide range of legal features along with LLC formation. If you are facing an issue have to wish to discuss sensitive legal matters with an LLC attorney, then Rocket Lawyer is the perfect solution for you.

  • The members of Rocket Lawyer enjoy several advanced features along with their LLC formations. You get features such as attorney consultations, access to an extensive document library, and a lot more.
  • Rocket Lawyer has currently served more than 7 million clients and a total of 20 million customers since its inception in 2008. This is an impressive client volume seeing that they have been around only for a decade.
  • The best thing about Rocket Lawyer is their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee clause. So, if you are unhappy with their service for some reason within the first 30 days, then you can either get your issue fixed or get a refund for the service.

If you aren’t going to be subscribing to the legal services subscription, then Rocket Lawyer won’t be as good a choice for you as other LLC services listed in this guide. This is because their base package that costs $99 won’t include a lot of helpful features.


MyCompanyWorks was started in 2001, and they have formed over 60,000 businesses since then. It is a mid-size company in the LLC services industry, so if you are looking for a more personalized experience, then MyCompanyWorks is a great choice. With this formation services company, you will get your job done right, and you won’t feel like just a number when working with them. They will treat you as a valued customer and will help you whenever and however they can.

Moreover, you will find over 3000 online reviews for MyCompany Works, out of which the majority of the reviews are positive in nature.

  • The starting package of MyCompanyWorks costs a $79 base rate along with the state fee and add-ons. While it is not the cheapest LLC service online, it is definitely quite affordable and is a great choice if you are on a fixed budget. However, do remember that you won’t get free registered agent service with its every package like other LLC formation websites to provide. You will only get it with their Complete package.
  • One of the best things about MyCompanyWorks is that their customer reps are really quick in their response. In fact, you will get replies to your emails and voicemails in less than 20 minutes. You will find that many LLC service providers can often take a full day to reply back to their customers.
  • They have a Startup Wizard LLC formation checklist that is convenient to navigate the entire formation process. This helps in making sure that you don’t end up missing any important step.

So, if you are looking for an LLC formation service that has a proven track record with quick and efficient customer support, then you should check out MyCompanyWorks.

Which is the Best LLC Service for You?

We are sure that seeing so many available online options might make you feel confused, especially if you are new to this. All these options might look similar to you, but if you are looking for the best LLC services, then ZenBusiness and IncFile are the top rated LLC formation services online.

Both of these LLC formation websites are value for money, trustworthy, and extremely easy to use.

If you are looking for the overall best value from an LLC formation company, then choose ZenBusiness. But if you want the cheapest LLC formation company with good reviews, then IncFile is the best choice.

Pros and Cons of Using LLC Formation Websites


  • One of the best things about using LLC Formation websites is that you don’t necessarily need to understand the legalities of the LLC formation. Using an LLC creation service will not only save you time and effort but will take care of the complete services as well.
  • There are many company formation services that come with an online dashboard tool that will keep you up-to-date about important government guidelines so that you don’t miss a filing.
  • When you run into any problems while using the LLC creation services, LLC websites will provide you with an email and phone support system. If you opt for DIY, you will need to connect with the state directly, which can be a tedious and long process.
  • If you choose these incorporation services, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars as you won’t be needing an attorney anymore.


  • If you time and patience, then you can save money on the LLC creation services by doing it yourself.
  • While an attorney does charge more, they are also able to offer you deeper insights into the services that you won’t get with an online incorporation service.

Frequently Asked Questions about LLC Online

Why isn’t LegalZoom Ranked Number 1 on this list?

LegalZoom is one of the most well-known LLC formation services available online, all because of the amazing advertising and customer volume. But their prices or the features offered in their services are not as great as other good LLC formation services such as ZenBusiness that are valued for money.

How Does an Online LLC Service Work?

One of the best things about using an online LLC service is that it reduces the amount of work or effort that you need to put in the business formation process. With the help of these services, you simply need to provide your name, location, and the industry of your business, along with some additional information about yourself and the registered agent.

The LLC service then takes care of creating the articles for your organization and then files them with the state to form your new LLC.

Are LLC Formation Websites Reliable?

Yes. There are several reputable LLC Formation websites that offer you LLC creation services. Out of all these options, we have selected the best 7 LLC services for you that you can compare and choose from for your business.

You can trust our list, and while we do recommend a few services more than the others, all the LLC services listed above are completely legitimate and reliable. They offer the best features and prices and will be a good fit for you if you want a good, reliable, and effective LLC service.

Do I Need to Use a Service to Form an LLC?

You can always opt for the DIY method to form an LLC, and there are several business owners who form their own LLC without any help from a business corporation service. If you would like to create an LLC on your own, then you can read the free guide or take a course on how to create an LLC.

There are a lot of steps required in forming an LLC, especially if you are doing it completely on your own. One of the most important things that you would need to do is to prepare the articles of your organization and then file them as this document will be used for formally creating the LLC.

This information that you need for forming the LLC will differ based on the states. Apart from that, you will also need to provide some basic information about you and your business. Once you do that, you need to choose a name for your business, select a registered agent, get a federal tax ID number, create an operating agreement, and so much more.

Will LLC Service Offer Me More Privacy or Legal Protection?

Well, although it is not necessarily true, using an LLC service does offer you some privacy protection. This is particularly true if you choose the same company as your registered agent as well.

This happens because when you choose yourself as your registered agent, your address will be available as part of the public record. So, if you use a registered agent, their address will be available to everyone so you can enjoy your privacy, and you won’t even receive that many junk mails.

Will It Affect If I Choose the Cheapest Package?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which package you end up choosing for forming your LLC as most of the above-mentioned packages, and service providers offer you complete LLC creation services. You can choose the most expensive package or the most affordable package, and it doesn’t matter because the features will be mostly the same except for a few advanced features.

There are a few services though that manage your turnaround time based on the package that you choose, but this is not commonly done. So, you can choose the cheapest package for yourself without any worries.

Does LLC Service Have Any Risks?

No. There are actually more risks involved if you attempt to form an LLC on your own. If you choose an LLC creation service, you can relax knowing that your business is in safe and experienced hands.

These companies have expertise in forming hundreds and thousands of LLCs every day and can easily form a compliant business entity.

Do You Have a List of the Good LLC Filing Services Online?

Yes, we do. In fact, we have reviewed all the most popular LLC formation services online in this industry and several small service providers as well, so that we can bring you the best options. As a result, you will find it easier to choose the best LLC service provider for you.

Here is a list of the best 20 LLC services and a short review of each service provider for you to check out.

ZenBusiness – The top LLC formation service to consider for your business is ZenBusiness that is reasonably priced and offers a lot of amazing features. This service provider offers an overall best value, which is why it is so popular among the customers. Moreover, they are a socially conscious company that tries to make a positive impact by helping small entrepreneurs to set up LLC online free of cost.

Northwest Registered Agent – If you want a premium service provider, then check out Northwest Registered Agent that comes at reasonable pricing and easily beats the pricing of its competitors for the same services.

Their $229 service comes with a full year of registered agent service and personalized customer support as well. So, if you want premium quality interaction and work, then this is the best LLC service to consider.

IncFile –One of the cheapest LLC services available that also offers a wide range of features to select from, IncFile comes with a full year of registered agent service. They also have amazing customer reviews and are a good option for forming LLC in most states.

Legal Zoom – One of the most well-known brands in the LLC services industry, Legal Zoom is another great option to consider. They have a huge customer base and have amazing advertising capability. Although their services cost a bit much, their long customer support hours for LLC service provider with 100% satisfaction guarantee completely makes up for it.

Rocket Lawyer – If you are looking for standalone LLC formation services, then Rocket Lawyer is the perfect option for you. However, the best thing about this service provider is its comprehensive legal services subscription where the new subscribers get free LLC service. There is a $39.99 monthly fee as well, but you can take their 1-week free trial to decide whether it is the right service provider for you or not.

BizFilings – For filing LLC in a state where there are additional requirements to follow, such as initial reports, publications, etc. BizFilings is a good option to consider. This popular LLC formation provider offers all these extra services and also provides you with a six-month registered agent service in each of their LLC packages.

Nationwide Incorporators – If you want to hire an attorney but don’t have the money to do so, then Nationwide Incorporators is a great option too. The best thing about this service provider is that all their LLC formations are drafted and reviewed by a business attorney before being filed out to the state. And if you want to purchase one of their premium packages, then you can easily get coupon codes available on Yelp for the same too. – Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy LLC service? If so, then is a great choice as it has been around since 1899 and has formed over 750,000 businesses since then. Moreover, they provide the customers with an amazing guarantee that can lead to the customer getting up to $75,000 if the company makes an error while filing for their LLC and not correcting it on time.

MyCorporation – If you are looking for an annual report service along with an LLC formation service, then MyCorporation is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs. For a price of just $99 + $34, this company gives your LLC creation along with managed annual reports for a year. This is the best price that you would get in the entire industry for this combination. So, if this is what you want, go with MyCorporation.

MyCompanyWorks – For entrepreneurs who are looking for customer-friendly services, MyCompanyWorks is the perfect solution. This LLC service has strong client feedback and responsive customer support. Moreover, the prices of the LLC formations are quite reasonable here, and you get a response on phone calls or emails in just 20 minutes if you face any issues. Most other companies will take almost a day to get back to you, but that is not the case with this service provider.

CorpNet – CorpNet is a well-rounded LLC formation service that has very few negative reviews. This company has good client feedback, reliable customer support, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and reasonable rates. So, if you are looking for a decent service that offers good service in all aspects, then CorpNet is perfect for you.

SunDoc Filings – If you are looking to form LLC in California, then SunDoc Filings is the perfect option to consider. Since they are located in Sacramento, CA, they can easily visit the California Secretary of State’s office multiple times a day. With them, you get a 24 turnaround time for California LLCs that no other competitor is able to provide.

Harbor Compliance – Are you looking for an LLC service provider that can offer you premium customer service? If yes, then Harbor Compliance is the perfect online service to consider. Here, they assign a dedicated Compliance Specialist to you who are extremely trained and will guide you through each step of the formation process. Sure, their services cost a bit more, but the support offered by them more than makes up for the high billing price.

Swyft Filings – If you are looking for cheap and affordable LLC services, then Swyft Filings is a great choice. This LLC service at $49 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which makes it a popular choice among entrepreneurs around the world. So, if you are on a tight budget to form LLC, then this is a good option as you can pay for their services in two installments too.

Direct Incorporation – Although Direct Incorporation is not the best option for basic LLC formation services, it is the ideal option if you want advanced features from your LLC service. With this service, you can get features such as a full-service web design, trademark protections, logo design, graphic design, and so on. They also offer a legal services subscription, so if you are looking for advanced features, then Direct Incorporation is the best choice for you.

IncNow – If you are planning to form an LLC in Delaware, then IncNow is a great option. Moreover, if you choose to become your own registered agent, then you can get LLC formation services for just $9 from IncNow. This is undoubtedly one of the least expensive LLC services that you will find anywhere.

Harvard Business Services – Harvard Business Services is one of the best options for LLC formation in Delaware. They have received amazing customer feedback and have thousands of reviews available online for you to check out. They also offer registered agent service for $50 every year, which is really low pricing.

IncParadise – If you are looking to form LLC in Nevada, then you should check out IncParadise. This LLC formation website offers some really amazing features for free for the state, including expedited filing. Apart from that, you can also get a lifetime registered agent service for just $499 in any of the states, and none of the other LLC service providers can compete with their service at this pricing.

Incorporate Fast Inc – If you are looking for a fast turnaround time, then IncFast is one of the best online LLC services to consider. It offers the fastest turnaround time and is pretty affordable as well. Moreover, they give free registered agent service for a year with all their packages along with an operating agreement. These features are usually offered in premium packages only, but IncFast offers them with each package.

InCorp – Another popular LLC service that you can consider is InCorp that gives a price match guarantee. What does this mean? Well, it basically means that InCorp will easily beat their competitor’s prices on similar services. They also come with many welcome characteristics and volume discounts on registered agent service too. Moreover, they have received a lot of good customer reviews, so the company is well-reputed and reliable.

Is My State’s LLC Registration Fee Also Included in the Price?

No, the state’s LLC registration fee is not included in the listed package’s price. Also, the registration fee differs in all 50 states, so you will need to add your state’s fee to the listed price. In a few states, the registration fee is as low as $40, and in some other states, it is as much as a few hundred dollars.

So, do check your state’s registration fee to understand how much it will cost you to form an LLC in your state.

How Much Does an Attorney Charge for LLC?

The cost of hiring an attorney varies and is mainly dependent on the nature of your LLC, along with the document requirements in your state. Generally, it will cost you at least $1000 – $1500 to form an LLC with the help of an attorney and can cost as much as $3000 in a few cases too.

Do I Need to Reserve the LLC Name Before Starting an LLC?

You don’t always need to reserve the LLC name before you form an LLC, but there are a few cases when you can. If you are planning to form an LLC but are not ready yet, then you can reserve the LLC name to make your business name available when you do form the LLC.

Apart from that, there are a few states, such as Alabama, that require the entrepreneurs to reserve the business name before they start the LLC formation process. Generally, you don’t need to reserve the name in advance to form an LLC and can directly start the LLC formation process.

Does LLC Service Help with NY Publication Requirements?

If you are going to form an LLC in New York, then you can opt for an LLC service that will take care of your New York LLC publication requirements too. Sadly, there aren’t many service providers that offer this service.

But you will find a few services that provide this feature, such as ZenBusiness, Harbor Compliance, BizFilings, and so on.

Do Services That Start an LLC Help With Other Things Too?

Yes, you will find that most services that help you form an LLC offer other online business services as well. The most basic and cheapest LLC formation services also offer you the business name availability check service so that you can ensure that your chosen business name is still available to use.

Although the services offered by these companies usually vary, you will find a few similar services provided, such as EIN acquisition, registered agent service, business licensing research, annual report service, and so on.

Should I Set Up an LLC in a State With a Lower State Fee?

Although you could easily form an LLC in a state with a lower state fee, such as Delaware because it offers many advantages to the businesses or Nevada that offers tax breaks to the companies. However, it is always a good idea to form a business in the state you are going to operate in than some random state.

This is because you won’t have to face a lot of hassles or complications when you are starting an LLC in another state, and it will be useful for your business to start the LLC in the operational state.

Which LLC Service is the Least Troublesome and Doesn’t Offer a Lot of Upsells?

According to us, Northwest Registered Agent is the best service provider as it keeps the upsells to a minimum and won’t ever pressure you to upgrade to a higher costing LLC formation package. They also won’t prompt you to add unnecessary additional features.

There are a few LLC services that will try to sell you hundreds of upsells, such as Legal Zoom, so that you end up paying more than $1000 for forming an LLC but Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t do that.

Should I Buy an LLC Kit?

You will find that most companies include an LLC Kit with their business formation package, and you don’t need this kit at all. We rarely advise our readers to purchase these kits as it doesn’t add any value to your company.

It is simply a binder with an embossment of your company’s name and has a decorative seal that includes your business info. Apart from aesthetic value, this kit doesn’t hold any importance and is not legally required to form an LLC.

Should You Pay Extra For EIN?

This is entirely your choice. You can easily get an EIN from the IRS free of cost, and you just need to fill out a simple form. But if you are looking for a little convenience, then you can get an EIN from your LLC service itself. They already have all the information needed to acquire the EIN.

Moreover, it is good to have your EIN confirmation at the same place as your LLC documentation.

What Is a Registered Agent? Should You Use This Service? 

A registered agent is required to form an LLC and can be a person or a business entity who will receive all your important government documentation. For instance, if your business gets sued, your registered agent will receive the service of process from the state and inform you about its delivery and then forward it to you.

You can legally become your business’ registered agent, but we would advise you against it. This is because if you choose a service as your registered agent, then you can protect your personal privacy as your home address stays hidden from the public eye. Moreover, you don’t receive a lot of junk mails and won’t end up missing important deliveries as well.

There are a few LLC services, such as IncFile, Northwest Registered Agent, ZenBusiness, etc., that offer this service free for the first year. After that, you need to pay somewhere around $99 – $125 every year if you need to use this service. If you don’t want this service, then you also have the option of canceling it anytime.

How To Own My Business If LLC Service Is the Organizer?

An LLC Organizer is simply a person who sets up your business and can be basically anyone. The organizer usually doesn’t have any interest in the business unless the organizer is one of the owners of the business.

Once the LLC is formed, the organizer isn’t needed anymore and resigns so that the entire control of the business is given to the owners.

Is There Any LLC Naming Requirements That One Should Follow?

Firstly, you need to ensure that your chosen LLC name isn’t already being used in the state. Apart from that, there are other legal requirements also that you need to follow when forming an LLC.

One thing to remember is that your business should have the initials as LLC or ‘limited liability company’ phrase in the business name. Moreover, you cannot use a few specific words that are used for other businesses such as a bank, trust, etc.

When Is the Best Time to Start an LLC?

Ideally, the best time to start an LLC is before you start conducting the business. Sure, you can operate the business as a general partnership or as a sole proprietorship before creating an LLC, but there are a lot of risks involved that you won’t encounter if you form the LLC.

One major thing to remember is that if you have an information business structure, then you don’t get limited liability protection. As a result, if anyone files a lawsuit against your business, then your personal assets are at risk along with the business assets.

What Is the Overall Cost for Starting an LLC Online?

Regardless of how you are choosing to form your LLC, you need to pay the state registration fees for LLC formation. However, if you do use an online LLC service, then you will need to pay the company’s in-house service fees as well.

For instance, if you choose Northwest Registered Agent, then you need to pay a $125 + state fee. If you choose IncFile, you don’t need to pay any service fees, but you will still need to pay the state fee. And with ZenBusiness, you will need to pay $39 + state fee.

Make sure that you also get a registered agent service that can be free or might cost you a little extra. All these fees together can add up a little so make sure you choose the right LLC service to begin your business.

Can These Services Handle Future LLC Requirements?

Yes, but this will mainly depend on the LLC formation website that you have chosen, along with your total budget for the LLC services. You will get both annual report service and franchise tax assistance service from the online LLC services, but you will need to pay additional fees for these extra features.

Is There Any Age Restriction for Creating an LLC?

No, there is no age limit to when you can start owning an LLC in any of the US states. There are a few states that have put the requirement of LLC’s organizer to be older than 18 years old, but a person of any age can own a business.

Is LLC a Best Business Entity?

We cannot say whether LLC is the best business entity or not because each business has its own needs and requirements. So, saying that LLC is the best business entity for all businesses would be untrue.

For a few companies and businesses, an LLC is the perfect business entity as it offers services and protection that other business entities cannot provide. But for many other big and complex companies, LLC might not be a great fit, and a corporation might be a better fit for them.

Generally, an LLC is a good idea for general partnerships and sole proprietorships where there is no protection for personal assets.

Does One Need to Be Present in the USA to Set Up an LLC?

Not at all!

You don’t need to be physically present in the USA or be an American citizen to actually set up an LLC. Since anyone can form an LLC, it is a popular business entity type and is used by people all over the world.

Excited to Start an LLC Online?

If you are ready to start an LLC online, then you can check out ZenBusiness and IncFile. Both of these LLC services are reliable, easy to use, and offer amazing value.

If you want the overall best value from an LLC service company, then ZenBusiness is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the cheapest LLC service online, then IncFile is the best solution as it also has great success in history.

What to Look Out For in a Good LLC Website

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when looking for the best LLC service for you. You cannot simply believe us or anyone else who says that this is the best LLC service to opt for because your requirements might differ from what that LLC service offers.

So, keeping that in mind, we have listed down a few of the most important things that you should check when choosing the creation service for your use. We have considered these factors when reviewing and comparing the above-listed LLC services to bring you the best options available online.

Overall Value

Sure, an LLC service that costs less is always the priority, but you cannot ignore the features that are being offered with the price. Make sure your chosen LLC service offers you the perks and features that you want.

For example, check whether your chosen LLC service includes a registered agent, or will you need to purchase it separately? Also, always make sure that you don’t end up paying for features that you don’t need or want, such as a symbolic LLC kit and seal.

Customer Experience

One of the most important factors to check when choosing the best LLC service that often gets overlooked is the customer experience. A few of the industry leaders have such a large customer volume that they are unable to give you customized LLC services to suit your needs.

In such cases, it is difficult to form a bond, and you might feel like just another customer than a valued and cared-for customer.

Service Vs. Competition

When you are choosing the best LLC service, it is important to check what other LLC service providers are offering the customers. There are few chances of getting discounts on the LLC services, but sometimes, you can get a few additional perks such as a free operating agreement, a year of registered agent service, and so on.

Calculate how much value each LLC service will provide you, and then select the best.

Customer Support Quality

Of course, when you are choosing any service, you also need to check the kind of support that they offer to their customers. Check whether they provide phone support or whether it is just an email or web-based chat support. Make sure that you know their availability hours as well so that you can reach out to them when you need them.

And most importantly, see whether they offer support through call centers or manage it in-house.

Service Reliability

Another important thing to consider is whether your LLC service receives a lot of customer complaints or if they provide satisfactory service. Make sure you read the reviews of the company and check with a few of their existing customers how they are with the customers.

Read up on the company’s reputation and properly review the feedbacks to understand the kind of client experience that they give the customers before choosing them.

Refund Policy

Finally, make sure that you read up on the company’s refund policy before buying their LLC service. A few online services offer you a full refund if you don’t like their service due to any reason. On the other hand, there are a few other companies that will provide you with an approved refund only if there is an error on their part that you can prove.