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Association for Strategic Planning Application for The Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award for 2007

The 2007 Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award recognizes distinction in the practice of strategy. Building on the broader purpose of the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP) to enable individuals and organizations to succeed through strategic thinking, planning and action, the purpose of the award is:

  • To foster continuing excellence in strategic planning
  • To stimulate innovation in the strategic planning process
  • To honor organizations at the leading edge of strategic practice

Winners will be recognised for the Award in each of the following:

  • Large for-profit or division of large-for profit corporation
  • Small to mid-sized for-profit corporation
  • Government, non-profit or academic organization

Award Benefits

The recipients of the Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award will benefit in several ways:

The winners of the award are recognized as strategic leaders in the business community and gain visibility for their organization and initiative through media coverage of the ASP annual conference event and award program.

The application procedure as well as the award itself highlight and promote the strategic planning process within the winning organization, fostering internal recognition and support.

Recipients of the award benefit from an independent assessment by a qualified judging panel of their organization’s strategic planning process and methodologies. The ASP’s panel of judges includes premier strategists within the academic and business communities.

Award Recognition

The ASP will feature the winner(s) of the award at its annual conference in February 2007.

The winning organization(s) will be the subject of an article featuring the organization, its key strategists, and its successes. This article will be offered for publication to various magazines and newspapers in California and nationally. The article, or a summary of it, will also be featured on ASP’S website with a link to the winning organization’s website.

The press will be invited to both the conference presentation and the special dinner presentation.

Up to three of the winning organizations’ key strategists will be offered free membership in ASP for one year.

A banner for the winning organization(s) will be placed on ASP’S website for one year.

The ASP will make available opportunities to speak at other ASP chapters throughout the year.

The winner will receive a trophy commemorating the achievement.

Award Criteria

Applications are judged on seven key criteria:

Process: The degree to which the applicant demonstrates competency in the strategy formulation process itself.

Industry Analysis: The degree to which industry members and industry trends are factored into the process.

Customer Analysis: The degree to which the applicant demonstrates the knowledge and use of customer data.

Implementation: The success of the strategic plan implementation process including the degree of alignment around the plan and the extent to which strategic goals are realized.

Learning: The degree to which the applicant organization applies a structured learning process to apply earlier lessons learned to the present strategic plan.

Innovation: The degree to which the applicant uses innovative elements in the strategic planning process.

Performance Management: The degree to which performance measures are used to determine the success of the strategic plan

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