Inc Authority LLC Formation Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

Inc Authority was established in 1989 and has been in the business since then. They have formed over 100,000 business entities since its formation and is one of the top LLC websites to offer free services.

What makes Inc Authority so popular and well-known is that they help the users set up their limited liability company (LLC) without charging a penny from the users. It is one of the only two companies that we know who offer completely free business formation services.

Although there are lots of companies that offer online business formation services, Inc Authority’s unique offering makes it worth a look in this heavy competition. In this review of Inc Authority’s LLC Services, you will learn in detail about what they offer so that you can determine whether they are the right choice for you or not.


About Inc Authority

In terms of LLC formation, Inc Authority is a unique company and has a different outlook than other LLC Formation companies. While most LLC formation websites charge service fees to form an LLC for a customer, Inc Authority does it free of cost and only requires you to take care of the state fees. Moreover, they provide you with free registered agent service for a full year.

But it is not just pricing that makes Inc Authority impressive. They have also received amazing customer feedbacks and have thousands of reviews with almost perfect average rating scores. Although there are not a lot of drawbacks to the free LLC services provided by Inc Authority, we have to say that their paid premium formation plans a crazy expensive. Keep reading on to learn more about this LLC formation website.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Inc Authority

Pros of Inc Authority

✔ Inc Authority is one of the two companies in this entire business industry that offer LLC formation services for free.

✔ Apart from their generous pricing, Inc Authority also includes one full year of registered agent services with all of their formation packages, even the free ones.

✔ Inc Authority has a lot of customer feedbacks which means their customer satisfaction rate is high. They have received a lot of online reviews, out of which the majority are positive reviews.

✔ If you choose a service or a package that isn’t free, then Inc Authority often provides the customers with a 20% off coupon. While there is no dedicated page to find this coupon, you might stumble across it if you leave your order page idle for a few seconds.

Cons of Inc Authority

✘ Inc Authority’s premium packages are quite expensive at $399. Sure, they are still cheaper than hiring an attorney to form the LLC but it is expensive in comparison to other online LLC services.

✘ Inc Authority doesn’t offer refunds in any circumstances. Although most of its competitors offer a refund in some form or another, the same is not true for Inc Authority and they reject every refund request received by their company.


LLC Formation Packages by Inc Authority

Similar to other LLC formation websites, Inc Authority gives the option of several packages for LLC formation for customers to choose from. Here are the packages and their features provided by Inc Authority.

Free Package

Price: $0 + State Fee

In their free standard LLC formation package, you get the following features:

  • Name Availability Search: In this feature, Inc Authority will search through the state government’s website to check whether the business name that you wish to use is available in the state or not.
  • One Year Registered Agent Service: Inc Authority will also act as your registered agent for a full year and handle all the responsibilities for the business. After the completion of the year, you can get this service renewed for a fee of $99.
  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: Inc Authority will draft the LLC formation documents for your business and then file them with the state to officially create the business entity.
  • S Corporation Tax Election Form: If you categorize your LLC as an S Corp for the taxation purpose, then Inc Authority will prepare all the necessary documents and file them on your behalf.

Apart from that, Inc Authority also consists of third-party partnership offers along with their baseline formation package:

  • Business Checking Account
  • Business Funding Analysis
  • Tax Planning Consultation

Starter Package

Price: $399 + State Fee

In this package, you get all the features provided in Inc Authority’s free business formation package along with some additional features.

  • LLC Operating Agreement: Each LLC should have an operating agreement that outlines the important aspects of the business operation. Inc Authority drafts this document for your business so that you don’t have to.
  • Ownership Certificates: Inc Authority will give a certificate of membership to all the LLC owners of the business.
  • Record Book and Company Seal: Mostly, this is a symbolic feature but in this Inc Authority will provide you with a binder to store the business documents and a customized seal that will replicate how the documents used to be authenticated in earlier days.
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): LLCs need an Employer Identification Number if they wish to hire employees, file taxes, open a business account, and so on. If you don’t wish to do this process yourself, then Inc Authority can get the EIN for your LLC from the IRS.
  • One Year Inc Protection Advisor: You will also get advanced customer support for issues such as business licensing, audits, payroll, lawsuits, banking, and so on.

Executive Package

Price: $499 + State Fee

In this package, you will get all the features of the Starter package and a few additional features such as:

  • Business License Report: With this feature, you get access to Inc Authority’s business licensing software that will help you in understanding what licenses and permits are required by your business depending on the location of the business and the nature of the business.
  • Website Domain: You also get a website domain along with this package that can be used for the business website.

Tycoon Package

Price: $799 + State Fee

In this package, you will get everything that is offered in the Executive package along with some additional features.

  • Express Processing: Your order will be prioritized above all the other package orders by Inc Authority so you can expect a quicker turnaround time.
  • BizCredit Express: You also get a suite of software tools with this package that allows you to form business credit. In BizCredit Express, you will find the following resources:
    • Business Credit Coach – One-on-one Credit coaching sessions for full 90 days
    • Business Credit LaunchPad – A detailed program that will take you through each step in the business credit development process.
    • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System – Several resources to help you build your business credit score.
    • Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration


Customer Reviews for Inc Authority

Inc Authority has been around since 1980s and has worked with thousands of customers since then. So, it is no surprise that they have received a lot of online customer feedback. It is always a good idea to check the online reviews to understand a customer’s experience with a company and well, as far as we can see the reviews of Inc Authority, it is mostly positive.

Inc Authority’s most online reviews are positive and the clients are usually quite impressed with their free LLC formation package and are quite happy with their efficiency too.


Best Alternative for Inc Authority

Best Alternative for Inc Authority

There are a lot of LLC Formation Service Providers available online, so if Inc Authority doesn’t seem the right fit for you, you can easily find another service that suits your requirements.

One of the best alternatives to Inc Authority is Zen Business that has a starter package of just $39 that includes formation of LLC, a registered agent service, and an operating agreement template. Our overall top choice for LLC formations, ZenBusiness has a good customer support and lots of positive customer reviews too.

Another good option to consider is Northwest Registered Agent that offers LLC formation services starting at just $225. Moreover, you get a full year registered agent service with all formation packages of Northwest and their personalized customer support is easily the best in the industry. They are a premium service but the money spent with them is definitely worth it.

Choose or Not

Should You Choose Inc Authority to Start an LLC?

While Inc Authority is a good LLC formation website, the services provided by them won’t be the right fit for every entrepreneur. So, keeping that in mind, lets discuss whether Inc Authority is a good choice for you to form an LLC or not.

✔ Use Inc Authority, If:

Is it appealing to form your LLC free of cost from a professional company? Or maybe you want a good customer experience and rely on customer feedback to determine the same. Well, if these two reasons play a major role in the decision making, then Inc Authority is a perfect choice for you.

Don’t Use Inc Authority, If:

On the other hand, if you want advanced features in your LLC formation package, then you can easily find them at an affordable price at other LLC formation websites. Apart from that, if you want to use a user-friendly website for LLC formations, then Inc Authority is definitely not the LLC website for you.


Our Verdict on Inc Authority

Well, we all know now that Inc Authority is one of the only two companies in this industry that forms LLCs free of cost. Moreover, seeing that they have a lot of exciting features such as free registered agent service and they have good customer feedback as well, they easily overcome their minor drawbacks. Overall, Inc Authority is a top choice for LLC formation services.


Frequently Asked Questions About Inc Authority

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Inc Authority that you might be wondering yourself too.

Does Inc Authority Offer Any Discounts?

Generally, they don’t offer any discounts or promo codes for their packages on their website. However, they do offer a 20% off coupon when you choose a premium paid LLC formation package and stay on the order page for a few minutes.

On the other hand, since they offer free LLC formations to their customers, you don’t really need a discount code if that is all the service that you require.

Does Inc Authority Have a Good Customer Support?

Yes, they do. Inc Authority offers customer support via email, web chat, and phone. You will get timely support via all the methods and the support representatives are both friendly and knowledgeable.

The only problem with their customer support is that they are available for short hours as they can be contacted only from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET on the weekdays.  

How is Inc Authority When Compared to Other LLC Services?

Well, there are a few other LLC providers that are better than Inc Authority and offer more advanced features at affordable pricing. Sure, Inc Authority offers free LLC formations for the businesses, but there are other LLC formation companies that do offer better services.

If you went through our Best LLC Services guide, you would have noticed that Inc Authority is placed at the 4th position. This is because Inc Authority’s website isn’t user-friendly and there are lots of better websites with more experienced options. If you are looking for the best LLC providers in this industry, then you should check out ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, etc.

Is Inc Authority Legit?

Formed in 1989, Inc Authority has been in this industry for a while now and has formed more than 130,000 business entities. Moreover, they have received thousands of customer reviews online with a high average rating score and a large volume of feedback. So, this is a truly great sign and shows that Inc Authority is legit and quite trusted among the customers.

Does Inc Authority Have a Refund Policy?

No, Inc Authority is one of the few LLC providers that do not offer any refunds in any kind of circumstances. In their words, all the sales are final because of the hard cost that has incurred to the company due to the filing of the LLC with your chosen state.

So, if you choose to get services from Inc Authority, then make sure that you are certain about it because you will definitely not get any refund from them.

Can You Form an LLC on Your Own?

Of course, you can always form an LLC on your own and many entrepreneurs even do it. But the process to form an LLC usually differs from state to state and there is usually a lot of work involved to complete the process.

A few people also tend to hire business lawyers to help with the formation of the LLC but this is usually an expensive option as there are lots of online business formation services that could help you with LLC formation at a much more affordable pricing.

Would You Recommend Inc Authority as the LLC Website to Your Friends and Family?

There is no correct answer to this question as it depends a lot on the business and the requirements. However, if someone close were to ask whether Inc Authority is a good LLC service provider or not, then we would say that their free package and amazing customer feedback is definitely something to look out for. However, there are a few better options available that one can opt to form an LLC.

Ultimately, we would recommend ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent to everyone as they offer the most-rounded service experience to the customers in this industry.

Do I Need to Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming an LLC with Inc Authority?

Generally, this is an unnecessary step and we wouldn’t advise it to most of our readers. However, if you are planning to form an LLC but are not ready yet, then it would be a good idea to reserve the LLC name if you wish to use the desired business name later on when you actually file for the formation of the LLC.

Apart from that, if you are forming a business in the state of Alabama, then you are required to reserve the name to proceed with the LLC formation process. But apart from this, you don’t need to reserve the LLC name and it is usually a waste of time and money.

Can I Form an LLC Without Being Physically Present in the United States?

Yes, you totally can. In fact, anyone can easily form an LLC in the United States without being physically present in the country. You also don’t need to be a resident or a citizen or America to do so. This is why LLCs are so popular among entrepreneurs as there are barely any restrictions associated with who can form an LLC in America.

Does Inc Authority Handle State-Specific Requirements?

Inc Authority does take care of a few state’s requirement such as reserving the business name in Alabama but they don’t offer publication services in a few states that necessitate it.

So, if you are choosing to form an LLC in these states such as New York, then you will need to manage the publication requirements on your own.

Does Inc Authority Share My Information With Third Parties?

Generally, LLC formation services make extra money by selling your information to the third-party partners and do this in the form of special offers and free additional features. Inc Authority is also one such LLC provider that shares your information and have several third-party offers listed on their website as a part of the LLC formation packages.

Does Inc Authority Have a Lot of Upsells?

Yes, Inc Authority does have a few upsells that can be found at the end of the LLC formation package order form. However, these upsells are understandable as they offer free LLC formation service and this is their way of making a few extra bucks from their customers.

More importantly, these upsells are not as irritating as it can be on other LLC formation websites because all the upsells are listed together on the end page of the order form. So, you won’t be bombarded with them throughout the ordering process and can easily choose to include an upsell or ignore it.

How Much Time Does Inc Authority Take for LLC Formations?

Similar to most other LLC providers, the turnaround time for the LLC formation by Inc Authority depends on the state where you are forming your business. In a few states, it can take as long as a few days for the business to get formed but in some other states, it can easily take a few weeks too.

Generally, Inc Authority’s processing speed is similar to their competitors.

What Others Services Can Inc Authority Offer?

You can get a wide range of business services from Inc Authority that includes operating agreements, corporate bylaws, ownership certificates, meeting minutes, acquiring EIN, registered agent service, business credit assistance, trademark protections, tax consultations, business license research, and so on.

A lot of these services are available in the free LLC formation package and for the advanced features, you can easily opt for the premium paid package.

Is $40 Worth Paying to Acquire an EIN?

Again, there is no correct answer for this as it depends on your personal preference. If you wish to save extra bucks and don’t mind the hassle of acquiring an EIN from the IRS, then you can obtain the EIN free of cost yourself.

However, if you want someone else to handle this process and want both the EIN confirmation and the LLC formation paperwork at a single place, then you can pay the extra money to get the EIN acquired through Inc Authority.

Inc Authority LLC Formation Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)
Inc Authority LLC Formation Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

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