Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

Since Northwest Registered Agent’s inception in 1998, it has become quite popular and a well-known brand in the online business services industry. They are a company that offers LLC formations and legal services for the entrepreneurs and business owners and do what they say. This is one of the reasons why they are in the top three position of our Best LLC service providers list.

In this review of Northwest Registered Agent, we will focus on all the features that make them different from other LLC service providers so that you can easily decide they are the right fit for you or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Northwest Registered Agent

Advantages of Northwest Registered Agent

✔ Northwest Registered Agent has an offers premium support to the customers so you get to interact with a member of their professionally trained team who act as the corporate guides. Any time you give them a call to ask a question regarding a complicated state rule or about the LLC formation process and the first customer support representative was able to answer the question.

✔ They also provide registered agent service for a whole year upon LLC formation that is only offered by a few LLC service providers.

✔ Unlike most other LLC service providers, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t sell your personal information to third-party companies. Moreover, they have in-house people to manage the server and the code. Basically, the company takes privacy and security of their customers quite seriously.

Disadvantages of Northwest Registered Agent

✘ One of the major drawbacks of Northwest Registered Agent is that its starting price is quite expensive too. If you don’t have that much budget, then you can easily find more cheaper LLC services, costing you less than $100 at times.

✘ Another major concern about Northwest Registered Agent is that it has fewer 3rd party customer reviews available online in comparison to other LLC service providers. Although this is not a big deal, a lot of customers have been concerned when they consider Northwest Registered Agent for LLC formation services.


Pricing of Northwest Registered Agent

Is Northwest Registered Agent worth the value? Yes, absolutely, at least for a few entrepreneurs. Although they cost more than their competitors, Northwest Registered Agent offers high-quality customer support and has a direct approach which suits a lot of entrepreneurs.

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer different package options to the customers and have a single filing option. So, you don’t waste time trying to decide which package you should go for or which features to choose from. If you are curious about how Northwest advertises its services, then you can simply go to their official website to check out the complete details.

LLC Filing

Price: $225 + State Fee

They have one filing option that comes with the following features:

  • Checking the Business Name Availability: Northwest Registered Agent will search in your state’s database to ensure that your chosen business name is still available or if it has already been used by another business entity.
  • Drafting and Filing Articles of Organization: To form an LLC, you need to articles of your organization which are basically documents outlining the complete company information and are filed with your state to form the LLC. The company also takes care of these documents for you and files them with the state of your formation.
  • Registered Agent Service for a Year: Every LLC needs to have a dedicated registered agent who will receive important legal documents on your LLC’s behalf and will then forward it to them. Northwest Registered Agent acts as your registered agent for a year and then later, you have the option to renew their service for a fee of $125 every year but it is not mandatory to opt for this service.
  • Operating Agreement: Although you don’t need this document to form your LLC with the state, it is still an important document to have. An operating agreement generally determines how the LLC will be run and also tells the ownership structure of your LLC.
  • LLC Filing Expedited Service: Northwest Registered Agent processes the order placed by you and submits the papers for LLC formation quickly once you place your order.

Add Ons

If you like a few additional services or features, then you can check out the below list:

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) [$50]: An EIN is a kind of Social Security Number for the business. It is a 9-digit code consisting of numbers that allows an LLC to begin business bank accounts, hire employees for your LLC, file business taxes, and so on. Northwest Registered Agent saves you the hassle of acquiring the EIN by directly getting it from IRS.
  • Compliance Filing Every Year [$100 per year]: Northwest Registered Agent will keep on handling your current requirements for the state so that you don’t miss on a compliance issue. Please remember that the filing fee doesn’t include the state fee.
  • S Corporation Election with the IRS [$50]: Are you looking to get taxed as an S corporation rather than instead of the default business? If yes, then Northwest can do this filing for you too.
  • Second Telephone Number [$9 per month]: If you need another number for your business, then you can select any area code and get all your calls forwarded to that number. This way, you can keep your personal number separate and private from your business number.
  • Corporate Supplies [Price Varies]: Well, Northwest Registered Agent also provides things such as corporate books, notary stamps, seals, certificates, etc. for your business and the price will depend on what you have chosen for yourself.


Customer Reviews for Northwest Registered Agent

As we mentioned earlier, there aren’t many third party websites with customer reviews for Northwest. However, we were still able to manage to find around 100 customer reviews on Yelp or Google.

Most of the online reviews about Northwest are positive and talk about how amazing their support is and how quickly they deliver the services to their customers. So, even though the number of customer reviews online are fewer than most other LLC formation companies, they still receive high-quality customer feedback which shows how trustworthy and reliable their services are.


Best LLC Alternatives for Northwest

There is no doubt that Northwest is one of the best LLC formation services available in the industry and it offers the best registered agent service too.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for all the entrepreneurs who need to form an LLC. In fact, there are several other LLC formation websites available so, if you don’t find Northwest to be a good choice for you, then we have another amazing option for you to consider.

One of our favorite alternatives, ZenBusiness is a good choice for forming LLC as it offers amazing features and prices. With its base package priced at just $39, it isn’t expensive to form your LLC and you get the registered agent service for a full year, a template of an operating agreement, and several other features with it. Apart from that, they are also a reputable company for LLC services and have received thousands of positive reviews from the customer.

Choose or Not

Should You Choose Northwest Registered Agent For You?

Overall, there are a lot more advantages of using Northwest Registered Agent than disadvantages which is why we recommend it to our readers. This company offers great customer support and overall value.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they will be the right option for every entrepreneur that is looking to form an LLC in a state. So, if you are confused about whether it is the right choice or not for you, let us make it simple for you on who should opt for Northwest Registered Agent services and who shouldn’t.

✔ Choose Northwest Registered Agent, If:

If you want a LLC service provider that offers premium customer support with registered agent services for a year and quick resolutions, then Northwest is a good choice for you.

✘ Do Not Choose Northwest Registered Agent, If:

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper LLC service provider, then you can choose ZenBusiness which costs $185 less than Northwest. Moreover, there are other LLC service providers that have more volume of customer feedback such as LegalZoom so, they would be a good option for you. So, if these things are more important for you, then you should try out somewhere else.


Our Verdict on Northwest Registered Agent

After comparing and reviewing all available options, we have come to the conclusion that Northwest Registered Agent is undoubtedly one of the top LLC services that is available online. What we really love about this company is that they have an amazing customer support and offer a lot of features to their customers.

If you are looking for the best customer service with minimum upsells, then Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions about NorthWest Registered Agent

Have a few questions about Northwest Registered Agent LLC services? Well, we have you covered!

Does Northwest Offer Any Discounts?


Northwest doesn’t offer any discounts, at least not anymore. They would offer a discount earlier but they don’t do that anymore.

But you can easily get volume discounts on Northwest’s registered agent service. For instance, If you need a service in several states, then they will give you a discount of $10 for your 4th to 9th states and you get a discount of $25 on the states after that.

Is this Company Legit?

Northwest Registered Agent started its business in 1988 and is now one of the top LLC formation services since then. They have formed hundreds of LLCs every week and are known for their premium customer support.

Although they have been working for years now and have helped a large base of customers, they don’t have a lot of online reviews which makes a lot of new customers skeptical about them. But the few reviews that are available online are positive and show how impressed the customers are with their service and their turnaround time.

How is Northwest company in Comparison to Other LLC Formation Services?

Honestly speaking, we find Northwest to be one of the best LLC providers in this industry. In fact, they are our first pick if anyone is looking for good customer support in this industry.

Overall, Northwest Registered Agent is our second pick after ZenBusiness as the Best LLC Services available. The only reason why we consider ZenBusiness at the top is because it is $185 less expensive than Northwest Registered Agent although they don’t offer premium customer support that is a part of Northwest’s package.

How Do I Use Northwest’s Office in Spokane, Washington as My Registered Office Address?

Northwest Registered Agent uses the tagline ‘Use Our Address, Not Yours’ which basically means that for the state filings such as Article of Organization, it is recommended to use their address as the Registered Office Address for your LLC.

Although Northwest’s home base is in Washington, they have registered agent offices in a lot of states and jurisdictions so you can include that information on the state filings when using their service.

Would You Recommend Northwest Registered Agent LLC Services to Your Friends and Family?

There is no easy answer to this question. If you were to ask us whether Northwest Registered Agent is value for money, then we would like to tell you that it definitely is, especially considering their world-class customer support and one year of free registered agent service. However, if you are on a tight budget, then you can easily find cheaper options that offer the same level of features.

According to us, there are only companies that provide best value in comparison to any other competitors in the industry: Northwest, ZenBusiness, and IncFile.

So, based on your needs, you can select one of these service provider options to form your LLC. Overall, ZenBusiness has the well-rounded service, Northwest offers premium customer support, and IncFile allows the users to form LLCs for free. All of these options are good so, you can select any of them easily.

Do They Offer a Refund?

Although Northwest’s refund policy is a little convoluted, they do offer a refund to the customers if you request less than 60 days of placing the order but they take $25 cancellation charges from the refund.

Also, they have mentioned on the website that they form hundreds of LLCs each day and ensure that each LLC filing is 100% correct. However, sometimes it does happen that they make a mistake in their 20 years of experience. If such an error occurs, they will make all the amendments needed for the filing and won’t charge you anything for it.

Can You Form LLC On Your Own?

You can always form an LLC on your own and there are several entrepreneurs who form the LLC on their own too. Filing the documents for LLC formation is a long process and can take some time, depending on the state of formation as they have their own rules and regulations that need to be followed and maintained.

There are a few other entrepreneurs who choose to form an LLC with the help of a lawyer which can turn out to be more expensive than choosing an online incorporation service. So, if you would like to save time and effort when forming an LLC and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then choosing a LLC service provider is a good option.

Do I Need to Reserve the LLC Name Before Forming an LLC with Northwest?

Not really. Although each state except Florida has an option of reserving the LLC name before forming the LLC, you don’t really need to reserve the name unless you are planning to form the LLC later and wish to use the chosen business name.

On the other hand, if you are about to start the LLC formation process, then you don’t need to reserve the name before starting the LLC formation process with Northwest Registered Agent. You will also need to reserve the business name if you are forming the LLC in states such as Alabama where it is mandatory to reserve the name to start the LLC formation process.

Can You Form an LLC Without Being Physically Present in the United States?

No, there is no need for an individual to be physically present in the United States to form an LLC. Moreover, you don’t have to be an American resident or an American citizen to form the LLCs as anyone from any nationality can form LLCs in America.

This makes it the perfect option for most entrepreneurs as there are so few restrictions associated with forming an LLC.

Does Northwest Handle New York Publication Requirements?

Regarding the state-specific requirements, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t completely handle it but offers support to the customers. So, if you are wondering whether they will handle the New York Publication requirements for your business, then the answer is no but they will offer you necessary help with it.

When you choose this company to form a New York LLC, they allow you to use their registered agent address in Albany as your principal office or the address for the service of process. Once you do this, you just need to follow the steps to public the LLC information in your business area.

How to Contact Northwest’s Customer Support Via Email and Phone?

If you wish to contact Northwest Registered Agent’s customer support via phone, then you can call them at 509-768-2249. Although they haven’t shared their email address on the website, you can reach out to them through the inquiry form that is available on the Contact Us page. You just need to fill it out and submit it to begin the email support process.

Does Northwest Sell or Share My Information with Third Parties?

One of our favorite things things about Northwest is that they don’t sell or share your personal information with the third parties. They are really concerned about your privacy which is why they have written their own code and keep their own servers so that your information remains safe and secure.

Does Northwest Has a Lot of Upsells?

One of the things that we really like about Northwest is that it doesn’t show a lot of upsells to the customers and doesn’t annoy them when they are placing an order. There are a few LLC providers such as LegalZoom that offer a lot of upsells to their customers and pressurize them to buy these costly add-on features that can result in a higher overall cost but that is not the case with Northwest Registered Agent.

How Much Time Does Northwest Take to Form an LLC?

Depending on the state of LLC formation, Northwest’s processing time varies but they are usually fast. However, if you want to make the process move a bit faster, then you can just upgrade to Northwest Registered Agent’s expedited service that can reduce the LLC processing time from a few weeks to a few days in a few states.

What Services Does Northwest Offer?

Apart from forming your LLC, Northwest Registered Agent offers several other core services as well such as annual report filing, registered agent service, virtual office, and mail forwarding.

Moreover, they also help their customers with other things like foreign registrations, IRS registrations, operating agreements, international business formations, S corporation tax elections, and business licensing.

Should I Get an EIN with the help of Northwest?

Well, we can’t really answer this question when we don’t know the proper requirements for your business. But we have found that a lot of customers love acquiring an EIN included in their LLC formation package even though it might cost a bit extra or just upgrade to a higher service.

Although it is possible to get an EIN from the IRS directly for free, it can take a little time and effort on your end. Moreover, it is quite convenient to have your EIN confirmation and articles of organization, all stored at a single location and you don’t have to contact the IRS to acquire the EIN. So, if you are looking for convenience to get an EIN and have all the documents stored at a single place, then we would recommend you to get an EIN via Northwest Registered Agent.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)
Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

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