Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

Rocket Lawyer formed in 2008 and has worked with over 20 million customers since then who needed help with LLC formations or other kinds of business services.

As you might know, there are many LLC service providers available online but out of so many strong options, Rocket Lawyer is still a popular choice for most users.

In this review of Rocket Lawyer’s services, we will help you decide whether you should choose this service provider to help with your business needs or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rocket Lawyer

Advantages of Rocket Lawyer

✔ One of the best things about Rocket Lawyer is that it gives option of joining a legal services subscription that will take care of document filing for your business (this includes the service for LLC formation as well and you won’t need to pay extra for it if you are a new member), providing attorney consultations, and a lot more. Moreover, they offer a 7-day free trial period that can be availed by the customers to reduce the risks of choosing the wrong LLC service provider for your business.

✔ As we mentioned earlier, Rocket Lawyer was opened in 2008 and has served over 20 million customers since then. It is one of the most popular LLC service providers in the U.S. and has a customer volume that is so high that it puts even LegalZoom at a shame.

✔ Another great thing about Rocket Lawyer is that it offers the customers with extended customer support so, anyone can reach their customer support for 12 hours a day during the week and their customer support reps are extremely helpful and experienced.

✔ Rocket Lawyer is also flexible with its refund policy but this is only applicable if you contact them and raise an issue under 30 days from the date of placing the order. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to the customers and don’t have any hidden cancellation charges if you didn’t find their service acceptable and wish to get a refund. Once you raise an issue with a service, they will either try to resolve your issue, credit the account so that you can place other orders, or will just return your money.

✔ Finally, we have noticed that Rocket Lawyer receives lots of good customer feedback. Moreover, you will find that on third-party websites, they have an amazing average rating score which says a lot about their customer satisfaction and service quality.

Disadvantages of Rocket Lawyer

✘ One major drawback with choosing Rocket Lawyer is that if you don’t pick their $39.99 per month legal services subscription, then their services are quite costly. The package for non-members is priced at $99.99 and is expensive as compared to other LLC service providers that can provide similar features in $39 or less.


Package and Pricing of Rocket Lawyer

Is Rocket Lawyer a Good LLC Service Provide and Worth the Cost? Now, before we share the details about the packages and the pricing of Rocket Lawyer, let us share with you a little on whether this LLC service provider is worth the price or not.

Honestly, their non-member package at $99.99 is not expensive and is actually cheaper than hiring an attorney but they definitely don’t offer as much value or features as a few of the other cheaper LLC service providers.

Unlike most other LLC websites, Rocket Lawyer doesn’t offer options of different packages to its customers. They only provide two options to their customers who wish to form an LLC: subscribe to Rocket Lawyer’s legal services program or purchase the LLC formation package.


Price: $99.99

If you don’t wish to subscribe to their legal services program, then you can always get their non-member package for one-time LLC formation which includes features such as:

  • Drafting and Filing of Articles of Organization – When you have to form an LLC with your state, you have to submit the documents to the state of formation to officially create the LLC. So, this company will prepare these documents for your business and then file it on your behalf with the state too.
  • Checking the Availability of the Business Name – Rocket Lawyer also takes care of ensuring that the desired business name is still available and not already being used by another company.
  • Storage of Documents Online – They also have well-built online platform where they store your filed formation papers so that you can easily access the electronic copies for the same.
  • Hard Copies of Completed Documents – Apart from providing the online access for these files, this company also sends the hard copies of the filed documents to the customers via mail.
  • Customer Support – And most importantly, if you need any help at any time regarding your LLC, then you can contact Rocket Lawyer’s customer support via phone or email and talk to their support reps.


Price: Free ($39.99 monthly subscription fee)

The major source of earning for Rocket Lawyer is through their legal services subscription and that also provides free LLC formation for all the new members of the subscription. If you aren’t sure whether the subscription will be the right choice for you or not, then you can try the 7-day free trial as well. If you like the service, then you can opt for the monthly subscription by paying $39.99 every month. Also, since you have the option to cancel the subscription whenever you like, there is not a lot of risk involved with choosing their legal services subscription.

Now, coming to the features of this service subscription, you will find similar features in both the member and the non-member packages for LLC formation. The main different would be in other features that are a part of the subscription, you can learn more about their features of their official website. Here is a quick breakdown of the other features that are available as a part of the legal services subscription:

  • Legal Documents with Attorney Review – You can easily create several business documents to sign, download, share, and print whenever you want. Moreover, you will also get an attorney review for each document to ensure that you don’t get entangled in a legal issue.
  • Asking a Lawyer Some Legal Questions
  • Consultation for 30 Minutes of New Legal Matters
  • Discounted Attorney Services
  • 25% Discount on Future Incorporation Filings and Registered Agent Service


Customer Reviews for Rocket Lawyer

One of the best things about Rocket Lawyer is that it has thousands of customer reviews that you can easily find on the Internet. And once you read the customer feedback for this company, you will easily understand the kind of customer experience that they usually provide.

We found that majority of Rocket Lawyer’s online reviews are positive which is a good sign. Make sure you go through a few of their feedbacks to learn how they work but we found that most of their clients loved their services and found it really easy to use. Moreover, they love the fact that Rocket Lawyer offers a free trial to the customers for its subscription package so that customers can try it out before committing to it.


What is a Good LLC Alternative to Rocket Lawyer?

While we do feel that Rocket Lawyer is a value for money LLC services, there are several other LLC service providers as well that you can choose to form an LLC. So, if you don’t find the features useful or if they don’t feel like the right fit for your business needs, then we would like to suggest you one of our favorite LLC services – ZenBusiness.

Take a look at this short comparison between ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer to understand which one would be a better option for you:

  • Features – If we compare the features, then there is no doubt that ZenBusiness provides you more features than Rocket Lawyer. In fact, you get an operating agreement, a registered agent service for 12 months, and several free add-ons with ZenBusiness LLC formation packages.
  • Price – One of the biggest different between ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer is that the former is $60.99 less than the latter. So, if you need to set up your LLC, then you can get it done with ZenBusiness for $39 rather than paying $99.99 at Rocket Lawyer.
  • Ease of Use – Well, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer perform equally in this field and make it quite easy for their customers to use the website.
  • Experience – Finally, in terms of experience, Rocket Lawyer is the clear winner since it has formed millions of LLCs since 2008 while ZenBusiness opened the company in 2015 only.

Choose or Not

Should You Choose Rocket Lawyer For Yourself?

As we have said before, Rocket Lawyer is an amazing option and has a good brand name. That’s not all, they also have a huge customer base and have received thousands of impressive online reviews for their services.

Sure, they might not be the perfect choice for a lot of entrepreneurs, so here are a few situations that might help you determine when and who they are right for.

✔ Use Rocket Lawyer to Form an LLC, If:

If you would like to join the legal services subscription, then of course Rocket Lawyer is a good choice as it will provide you LLC service in the monthly subscription as well that will cost you just $39.99 per month.

✘ Do Not Use Rocket Lawyer to Form an LLC, If:

However, if you just want an LLC formation package and not other legal services, then you can easily find more affordable options to get the basic LLC services that are a part of the Non-member package of Rocket Lawyer. There is ZenBusiness that has a basic package priced at $39 and includes registered agent service for free for 12 months as well.


Our Verdict on Rocket Lawyer

In terms of experience, we can definitely say that Rocket Lawyer is the top LLC service provider as it has helped millions of customers with LLC and legal services in the past 13 years. If we consider the LLC formation package, then it is evident that this company wants the customers to subscribe to its legal services program that is priced at $39.99/month and not the one-time LLC formation package that is priced at $99.99/month.

So, if you are one of those customers who are looking for a simple and LLC formation-focused service rather than a monthly subscription, then you might not find Rocket Lawyer useful for you. There are other affordable options for you to consider to form your LLC instead.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rocket Lawyer

Do you have a few questions about Rocket Lawyer? Well, we have all the answers for you.

Does This Company Offer Discounts on Their Services?

No, they don’t. We haven’t come across any sales, promo codes or discount codes for Rocket Lawyer till now so it is safe to assume that they don’t provide discount on their services.

Is This a Legit Company?

Since Rocket Lawyer started the business in 2008, they have helped over 20 million customers and have an astounding customer volume. That’s not all, they have a lot of customer reviews available online as well, majority of which are positive and show how effective their services are.

On third-party review websites, you will also find that Rocket Lawyer maintains an amazing average rating score so it is safe to say that Rocket Lawyer is a legit and reliable company.

How is Rocket Lawyer in Comparison to Other LLC Providers?

Honestly speaking, we like Rocket Lawyer but we do find a few other LLC service providers better than this company. A few of its competitors offer more features in the same or less pricing and you get lots of amazing features in those packages as well.

As we mentioned before, Rocket Lawyer is a good option but their prices are not good enough plus they don’t offer a lot of features that are available in other LLC formation packages. So, if you are looking for the best LLC provider in this business industry, then you can easily opt for ZenBusiness, IncFile, or Northwest.

Would You Recommend Rocket Lawyer LLC Services to Your Friends and Family?

Well, we definitely think that Rocket Lawyer offers amazing customer experience and has a good customer feedback but we cannot deny that a few options are better than Rocket Lawyer’s LLC formation packages.

Honestly, we would recommend LLC service providers such as Northwest or ZenBusiness as these LLC service providers offer registered agent service in their formation packages as well and is less than Rocket Lawyer’s pricing.

Do They Offer a Good Customer Support?

Yes, Rocket Lawyer certainly provides good customer support to the customers and even has extended customer support availability. You can contact them anytime during the week between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET which is a great way to solve all your queries and issues regarding LLC formations.

Do They Offer a Refund?

Yes, they do. Thankfully, Rocket Lawyer does give the option of refund to its customers as long as they apply for a refund under 30 days of placing the order. They give full fee refund if you find their services unsatisfactory or change your mind after a few days.

Can You Form an LLC On Your Own?

Yes, you absolutely can. Everyone can form an LLC on their own and many entrepreneurs do choose this DIY option but it is a sort of hassle and needs a little time to meet the state-specific requirements.

Apart from that, you also have the option of hiring lawyers to form the LLCs which can be a bit expensive than choosing an LLC service. So, it would be more convenient and cheaper to choose a service provider to form the LLC for you.

Do I Need to Reserve the LLC Name Before Forming an LLC with Rocket Lawyer?

Generally, you do not need to reserve the LLC name to start the LLC formation process. But in a few states such as Alabama, you have to reserve the name before you can even start the LLC formation process.

Apart from that, you would only need to reserve the business name if aren’t ready to form the LLC yet and want to ensure that your chosen business name is available when you begin the process.

Can You Form an LLC Without Being Physically Present in the United States?

Yes, you don’t have a lot of restrictions regarding who can form and operate an LLC in the United States. So, you can easily form an LLC without being present in the United States and don’t even need to be an American citizen to do so.

Does Rocket Lawyer Manage New York Publication Requirements and Alabama Name Reservation Requirements?

Although Rocket Lawyer hasn’t mentioned these requirements on their website, we did ask them about it and are happy to let you know that, unlike most other LLC service providers, they do manage state-specific requirements as well.

They charge a publication fee of $299 to manage these requirements for you along with the fee charged by your county but they will handle the publishing of your LLC. For the Alabama Name Reservation, they don’t charge any extra fee and include it as a part of the LLC formation package itself.

How to Contact Rocket Lawyer’s Customer Support Via Email and Phone?

If you wish to connect to the representatives of Rocket Lawyer via phone, then you can call them up at 877-881-0947. While we couldn’t find their email address separately listed on the website, there is a contact form that you can fill to get in touch with the customer support via email.

Do They Sell or Share Your Information with Third Party Companies?

One of the best things about Rocket Lawyer is that it doesn’t try to push any special offers or free extras to the customers to sell or share your information with other companies.

There are a lot of other LLC service providers that try to do so but thankfully, Rocket Lawyer is not one of them. So, your information stays safe and secure with them.

Does Rocket Lawyer Has a Lot of Upsells?

Well, this is a slightly complex question to answer. In our experience, Rocket Lawyer doesn’t really pressurize the customers to purchase additional services and features but they tend to push their subscription plan a lot.

When you are going through the ordering process, it will try several times to make you sign up for its monthly legal services subscription option. This can be a little annoying but since they also offer a 7-day free trial along with free formation services for the new members, it is still something worth looking into for a lot of customers.

How Much Time Does Rocket Lawyer Take to Form an LLC?

Well, the turnaround time of this company can anywhere be between a few days or a few weeks and generally depends on the state of formation. Generally, they offer a similar processing time as other LLC service providers.

What Services Does Rocket Lawyer Offer?

One of the best things about Rocket Lawyer is that it offers a wide range of services to the customers which are more than most other companies in this industry. This is because apart from offering business offerings, they offer personal services too. They help their customers prepare the last will or prenuptial agreements as well.

In terms of business services, they offer helps with human resources, employment, attorney consultations, registered agent service, and so on.

Should I Get an EIN via Rocket Lawyer for the Extra Cost?

This is more a personal preference and not a straightforward answer. A lot of customers find that the convenience of having their EIN confirmation and the LLC documents in the same place is definitely worth the cost.

But if you are on a budget, then you can always choose to skip this service and get the EIN for your business directly from the IRS.

Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)
Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Reviews 2021 (Pros, Cons & 20% Off Discount)

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